Partner Agreement

January 1st, 2014

The IronVoice Partner Program allows individuals and businesses to build a monthly recurring residual based revenue stream by referring customers.

In using the IronVoice Partner Program you agree to be bound by the following terms, conditions, and guidelines without exception.

Earnings and Payments

The IronVoice Partner Program pays a monthly residual of 10% for each referred customer's monthly billing for the life of the program.

Payments are sent via check by the 15th of each month.

Referred customer accounts must be in good standing prior to any residual payments being issued.


Value added services are encouraged as long as such services do not negatively impact or compete with the IronVoice customer relationship.

Partners may not mask, interfere, or restrict access between IronVoice and its customers, any attempt to do so will result in a violation of this agreement.

The IronVoice Partner Program is single level, building a pyramid is strictly prohibited.

As a Partner you are bound by and must enforce our Privacy Policy at all times, remain in good standing with the business community, and maintain ethical business practices.

If any of the above Terms and Conditions are violated we reserve the right to terminate this agreement without notice.

IronVoice reserves the right to make changes to this agreement and the Partner Program with a 30 day notice.